Happy Fucking Thoughts

Happy fucking thoughts. . Anxious depressed thoughts are still allowed fo exist. Don’t erase your experiences and then wonder why you can identify your feelings. . Don’t erase your pain, feel everything. Its healthy. . * Happy Thoughts Sea Deepened Monster in pink. * .

Iron Veins, trying towards life.

There wasn’t rest for me, I lived in a prisons coated in scintillating hallow praise.
It all hurt(s). All of it.
These are the scar along my being, just not the core, scars do not equal a being.
An extension of human experience so ugly and unfathomable it is easier to try and discredit.
Often, this happens. People are disqualified from life, humanity, and protection there in because them coping with their pain isn’t Lifetime materials.
Where’s that sunny disposition?
Discredit a life unknown, ugly cries to be ignored and devalued in hindsight.
It’s annoying. … More Iron Veins, trying towards life.

It’s your fault

“Do you care, when you hear the course rusted rasp

A voice that stills calls out crippled by mental illness

No one can see, they care about the profile

Instagram-able, images

That’s all you are, a collection of instances

of images

You can only be the person you seem to be…” … More It’s your fault