Moving forward, my realistic optimism

Positively negative, a note on the relationship between optimism and adversity. … More Moving forward, my realistic optimism

freezing to restart ~ notes to self ~ from one depressed academic to another

🦇 I just realized why I freeze when I’m really anxious and depressed, I’m frozen with fear. Fear tries take your life essence while hope… 🦇 My brain is trying to restart me the easy fix a weekend a camping trip nothing has to change Restart 🐱 🦇 control+alt+delete it. 🦇 Erasing a plan that … More freezing to restart ~ notes to self ~ from one depressed academic to another

Mindful Talent Management

Seventy percent of employees reported that their most substantial contributor to stress was their job (Azagba & Sharaf, 2011). Fifty-one percent of employees indicate that job stress decreases productivity (Azagba & Sharaf, 2011). The Human Resources (HR) department can aid in stress relief without overhauling their policies and budgets. By focusing on one aspect of … More Mindful Talent Management

Mental Health Matters

My thoughts, my experiences, my voice. Below are pieces of myself, enjoy.  2.27.2017 Why do we wait until the functioning bits of our lives dismantle… despite desperate pleas? Despite constant denial. We stop working on these bits because facing them might destroy the shreds of sanity that remains. All the while devaluing this need to rebuild. Fractured bones … More Mental Health Matters

Some notes on Solace Sundays & Graduate School

The purpose of this blog post is to give general guidelines that I have found to be helpful for work productivity at home. These are tips that I have collected, implemented, and am still refining as I advance in my academic career; because after four years of college reflection and assessment is everything.  Don’t deviate … More Some notes on Solace Sundays & Graduate School