Wednesday the 1st of March 2018

Wednesday the 1st of March Bear Mountain, Southern California Snowboarding was such a beautiful relief from the constant presence from the feeling, Everything is going to fall apart. You can’t think, You don’t feel anything, just everything This snow buried that large, red, flashing, sadist button ‘let the dysregulation begin’ Anxious needles are cocked ready … More Wednesday the 1st of March 2018

Iron Veins, trying towards life.

There wasn’t rest for me, I lived in a prisons coated in scintillating hallow praise.
It all hurt(s). All of it.
These are the scar along my being, just not the core, scars do not equal a being.
An extension of human experience so ugly and unfathomable it is easier to try and discredit.
Often, this happens. People are disqualified from life, humanity, and protection there in because them coping with their pain isn’t Lifetime materials.
Where’s that sunny disposition?
Discredit a life unknown, ugly cries to be ignored and devalued in hindsight.
It’s annoying. … More Iron Veins, trying towards life.