Unseen creatures, very small 12.20.2018


I stumbled upon this article that my friend and Facebook friend and found a collection of “miniscule wonders”.

I love these photos because it’s a deconstructed version of how I paint.

So here’s what I did with for this micro mineral photo of nsutite and cacoxenite.

I’ll start with shape and dimension, if I’m painting a creature I’ll outline the dimensions of a creature. After getting enough of an outline I start painting without the guidance of the original subject.

I started with the dimensions of the creatures but mostly working on the negative space of the environment. Building from the environment out.

Mind you this is a short project I sketched over a handful of hours, I say that to say it’s not perfect. I’ll probably do multiple watercolor sketches from different anchorings of detail from this photo.

Here are the background and negative less detailed space where the creatures will live.

Personal Visual Communications, Johari 2018

Next, I work on the shape of the floral bundles of eye-stocks.

Personal Visual Communications, Johari 2018

Lastly, I finalize the eyes into creatures picking a choosing which dimension to follow. There are a lot of dimensional blending and highlighting that I’m probably going not follow up with on this piece.

Personal Visual Communications, Johari 2018

Thank you for taking the time to look at my sketches. I’ve recently updated my sketch page follow the link below for more art made by me.

Art by Johari, From Square One

If you want more check out my blog’s Instagram account @Johari.SquareOne as well as my personal account @JohariRose

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