It’s your fault

It’s your fault

It’s your fault you’re in this mess

Why didn’t you work harder?

If I don’t see the fragments I don’t care

Everything your saying has been said, to me by me

I’m conditioned for abuse, to submit, to give up

Years of creating a toxic understanding of what love is

Context matters.

Mental Health Matters.

But no one cares, there is support for the broken but not the braking

Aid helps, bread crumbs splayed out

But first prove your worth, what can you cut out?

The dollar store is our grocery store

I don’t deserve help, Why

Why are you asking for a handout

Why did you move to such an expensive area

Why don’t you move

Why don’t you work more

you can’t work or you wouldn’t work

This is your fault

If someone sees snotty swollen eyes enough, they stop caring…

The frog is boiling alive

We talk about the frog

Now the frog is taken

Legs long gone

When your voice runs, why speak

Should I speak to be heard

By who

By me

That’s too much to ask

Do you care, when you hear the course rusted rasp

A voice that stills calls out crippled by mental illness

No one can see, they care about the profile

Instagram-able, images

That’s all you are, a collection of instances

of images

You can only be the person you seem to be

Am I allowed to hopeful, to plan against failure, not for it

Should I take every step

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