It’s Your Career: Part Three

This part of the series walks through how to fill out each process element.

I have included visual displays of each logic model process element (inputs, activities, outcomes, outputs).

The logic model reviewed today is for my ‘personal relationships’ (partner, family, close friends). I will walk through filling out each logic process element (LMPE).

For review, this is the basic logic model I presented in the second part of this series.

CDC logic model template with example of use_ 8.28.2018


Now that you have a reference point I’m going to apply this model to my life.

These are the CDC components of a logic model but with the relevancy of being grounded in the context of my life.

Below is a simplified application of logic model processes.

Johari's logic model compentents_last edited_8.28.2018

Personal Relationships: Johari’s Logic Model

my personal resource logic model segment_snapshot 8.28.2018

This is a logic model that contains only once resource, my personal resources. Created by Johari Du Pont August 2018

It’s easier when drafting a logic model to start with one section of your resources. I started with the personal resource of my personal relationships.

When looking at the specific sub-categories of my personal reslationship I found that the relationships I must nurture are fiance, friends & family, and our two kittens.

Next, I moved on to my activities, what do I have to do with the resources to reach the ultimate goal of strong mutually healthy transparent relationships.

My outputs are identical to the activities but you are quantifying each activity, giving it structure and due dates.

It’s clear that when you add context, goals, and due dates in the planning process the easier it is to measure your success.

Without clear metrics, you will never know if you really reached your intended short-term or long-term outcome.

Next, are the outcomes, the whole reason you are here. I break my outcomes down into two categories short-term which is less than a year and long-term which is two to four years.

Part three will add more complexity to your logic model. I will display models with all resource categories.

Stay tuned and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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