Biking to Life: Skirts

Adventures of a graduate student who wants to commute via bicycle but also want to look like a polished well-rested human being.

I bike two miles up hill to work and school about five days a week. Unlike many bikers in this State (Southern California) I can’t bike in jeans, pants, long-sleeved T-shirts… because I get really sweaty. I’m not the person at the gym who can wear… clothes really. During my first year of grad school, I would bike to class early in the morning get there all sweaty and hot and then 30 minutes later have to change because of the icy air conditioning. I think you get it, I sweat, a lot.

Here’s how I bike in a skirt. I wear biker shorts and then put on the skirt once I have cooled down to a human temperature.


bike skirt 1
Floral wrap skirt
bike skirt 2
I’m wearing VS shorts underneath
skirt bike shorts up
This skirt is too long to bike in
shorts belt bike
I wear the shorts and a fitness belt
biking shorts
I put the skirt on once I’ve cooled down

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