Mental Health Matters

My thoughts, my experiences, my voice.

Below are pieces of myself, enjoy. 


Why do we wait until the functioning bits of our lives dismantle… despite desperate pleas? Despite constant denial. We stop working on these bits because facing them might destroy the shreds of sanity that remains. All the while devaluing this need to rebuild. Fractured bones are socially acceptable to address. They are visible. They are part of a universal language that everyone knows. An expression of sickness experienced by every human.

Having the flu has anthropomorphic implications, having depression, anxiety, panic attacks these are not humanized they are demonized. Linked to some archaic vantage point from a past of lobotomies and homophobia.

It’s uncomfortable. Talking about it, bring life to a faceless living part of yourself. A piece that you devalue. That you dismiss. Even when you are fettled by the imbalance. Maybe allowing space decreases its host. It will reshape the host. Who’s image will it yield? A familiar face…

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