Gym life: Chest Day

This Gym Life series will dictate a few works outs I do during the week. I group my workouts by body part: Back & triceps, chest, shoulders & biceps, leg day. This way I am not working out opposing body parts or exhausting myself by overworking one body part.  Personally, I like to be able to move my limbs after a workout.  I’m currently training for a half marathon in May 2017 so after every workout a run and stretch.

Incline dumb bell press.

I did three sets with 5-8 reps each.



Again, 3 set 6-8 reps. These are really hard and make my forearms tight thus the low weights. Just make sure the weights stay above your nipple line.

Rules of thumb for chest exercises: keep your weights even, they go down at the same time and meet at the top at the same time. Make sure the weights stay above your nipples. If you keep them here then your chests are engaged the whole time which is kind of the point.


This is a dumbbell press on a flat bench


I call these Gorillas.

I’m sure these have an official name but I like mine better. So do three reps with 6-8 reps each. If you can do more than 10 reps then go up in weight. Adjust the straps on the machine up so that the handles are comfortably reachable with your arms raised at your sides.


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