Festive Cocktail Series

This is an amateur cocktail series for those who want to make drinks that are classy, strong and sure to dazzle. Tis the season to DRINK and be merry. 

The Happy Apple is a semi-sweet refreshing strong whiskey based drink.

The Happy Apple
  • 3 shots of Crown Royal Apple
  • 1/2 shot of hibiscus simple syrup*
  • Sparkling water
  • 1/2 shot of lime juice
  • Fresh lime wedges for garnishing
  • Large cube ice
  • Whiskey Glass

Put the crown, hibiscus simple syrup, lime juice, and ice into a shaker bottle. Pour into a whiskey glass (including the ice). Top of with sparkling water and a few fresh lime wedges. 



*To make the hibiscus simple syrup: bring half of a small pot of water to boil. Had about 1/4 a pot full of white sugar. After the sugar has dissolved turn off the burner. Fill a coffee filter to 4 tablespoons of hibiscus loose leaf tea. Tie the bag with rubber band. Unless you have a tea bags then use about 5 of them. Use a fork, hook this to the rubber band and dangle it over the pot. Balance it on the edge of the pot. Leave for 30 minutes. Let cool. Transfer to some large mason jars.


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