Yoga it’s not just stretching…

There is not a large amount of research when it comes to Inversion and Vinyasa yoga practices. There are branches of yoga that is not active in nature erg. medication, specifically I am speaking to the active branches of yoga that strength and require cardiovascular excursion. There is a large body of research on exercise and the health benefits associated with working out regularly. Yoga (not meditation) is a cardiovascular and body resistant training. In my opinion: Yoga is exercise, exercise is good for you, so try yoga.

The important step when starting yoga.

Find a studio, YouTube site, or DVD. To learn proper form and the fundamentals of yoga seek out experts.

  1. Studio: Go to a dedicated yoga studio, meaning a studio where the teachers help you where you are in your practice not push you beyond your current limits. These studios contain teachers who love yoga and will help you during and after class so your form is correct. Make sure you wave at a yoga teacher if you feel you are doing a pose wrong or are lost. Check out to find a studio near you.
  2. YouTube channels: find those who do not just show how to do a form but rather those who go through the pose step by step. Many yoga poses seem simple but once you engage the right muscles and your pose in correct it will be challenging. I recommend Kino Macgregor’s youtube channel as she checks in, for example if you want to do a handstand she give condition exercises to build to a handstand.
  3. DVD: Beware of DVDs and yoga hybrids, find series that go through the sun salutation as well as conditioning.

Practice every day. If you want to have a strong base for advance Instagram worthy yoga poses do the sun salutation everyday, practice a handstand everyday, practice crow pose every day. Yoga is funny in the way that after days, months, years of practice certain poses will just click but this does not come without dedication and handwork.

Last tip: Breath!!!  Trying hard poses that require you to breath! Breathing will allow you to go deeper into a pose, sweat less in hot yoga, and will keep you from feeling lightheaded and or overwhelmed. Each pose is either held for 3-5 breaths or transitioned through (one breath per pose). For example, cat: exhale then cow: inhale etc. When you hold a pose like in Yin Yang yoga for 3-5 minutes breathing helps you go further into the pose. For instance when you breath out sink deeper into the pose, and when you breath in straighten. An easy way to remember this tip is exhale lengthen inhale strengthen.

My next pose will include a fundamental yoga flow to get you started. 

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